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Other Professional Services


The goal of our integrated services is to obtain a repo-tour as the forefront competitive one stop solution provider to customize and cater to your every needs. To establish the reaction as a ‘household brand’ whereby DIS will be your choice supplier of every solutions.

With the capability and vast resources both financially and in networking, we are confident that every service will be of the best competitive price and quality, emphasizing on our efficiencies and timely delivery.

In conjunction with our diversification Dynamix Integrated Services extends to you our initial sets of services.

Logistics, Courier and Dispatch Service (Commercial and Off-Shore Remote Sites, Marine)

Equipped with our readily available, off- shore marine launch boats, tug boats, vessels and full range of on- land motor vehicles combine with the seamless co-ordination of our 24 hour operational ready employees and crews strategically located at various part of Asia, we will bring you the best effective and timely service in this sector in Singapore and the region with the best competitive price.

Our trusted partners in the region also enables us to offer to you the best of the services.

- Design - Printing - Publishing
- Producing & Advertising        
Facilities Management (In-land and Offshore Marine & Remote Sites)
- Cleaning Services - Energy Conservation - Property Management
Surveys, Licensing & Consultation Services
- F & B - Legal - Marine