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Marine Support Vessels

We have a diverse fleet of support vessels, such as towing tugs and supply boats are able to provide comprehensive logistics support services.

In addition, our spacious storage warehouse houses consumables, spares and equipment that can readily meet urgent customer requests and be delivered on time without disrupting sailing schedules, creating significant competitive advantages for our customers.


Ship Repairing

Ship repairing is one of our subsidiary business activities. With the outstanding location, well technical personnel and completed repair facilities, DMPT is able to provide repair service to any type of vessels, barges, tugboats, cargo tankers, and has successfully built up a well reputation in repairing ships.

Our services includes normal docking and repairs, collision repair, steel renewal and repairs for hydraulic deck machinery, air conditioning system, navigation telecommunication equipment and other special machinery, general surveys, special surveys, periodic maintenance repair, conversions, life extension including cap surveys, lay-up and reactivation, tank coating and painting work, machinery overhaul, rig repairs, etc.


Ship Brokerage

We provides chartering and ship broker services for clean petroleum products, as well as vessel sales/purchases.

Dynamix guarantees to provide responsible, well-networked and reliable ship broker service to all of our customers. We get support from much of the first class charterers, traders, operators and slowly penetrating to the market. With support from our main business, we are strongly committed to providing quality services. Should you require any information or purchase/sale for a specific vessel, please do not hesitate to contact us.